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Salem’s Privateers in the War of 1812

During the War of 1812, Salem was home to Republicans and Federalists, privateers and smugglers. Salem sent out 43 cruisers, ranging from 300-ton ships owned by merchant princes to open boats manned by unemployed sailors. Her cruisers roamed the Atlantic from the Irish Sea to the coast of Brazil — and also patrolled the harbors of Maine and Massachusetts, searching out smugglers. The privateers whose careers are covered in this book ran the gamut from scintillating success to abject failure. There are tales here of heroism and cowardice, generosity and greed, astonishing good fortune and deep personal tragedy. 306 pages, including maps, tables, and illustrations.

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This 208-page book explores the career of Fame in depth, relying on historical documents and five of her original logbooks. Includes background information on schooner design, privateering, and the War of 1812, as well as the maritime history of Salem and the surrounding communities. Over 60 illustrations including maps, portraits, and reproduced documents.

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This 50-minute color documentary on DVD explores the career of Fame, from her triumphant first cruise to her stormy end in the Bay of Fundy, and chronicles the building of a full-scale, double-sawn-frame replica some 200 years later. This documentary follows Harold Burnham through every step of construction, from lofting and molding through framing, dubbing and planking, from the laying of the keel to the traditional side-launching on June 14, 2003.

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About Fame

Fame is a replica of a privateer from the War of 1812. Launched in 2003, Fame cruises on Salem Sound, where pirates & privateers have been making history for 400 years. Fame sails from Memorial Day through Halloween from Pickering Wharf Marina in downtown Salem, Massachusetts, and offers sailing up to 5 times daily.


Pickering Wharf Marina / Wharf Street / Salem, MA 01970