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You’ll see… Children’s Island!

a small boat in a body of water

Cha large ship in a body of waterildren’s Island is owned by the Marblehead YMCA, which offers summer camp sessions every summer. It was previously known as Cat Island and briefly Lowell Island, when it had a 100-room resort hotel. The hotel became a children’s sanitarium in 1878.

A hundred years earlier, a hospital had been built on the island to inoculate Marbleheaders against small pox. Not everyone believed the process was safe, however, and a group of Headers burned the facility down in 1774. This infuriated the investors, among whom was Captain, later General, John Glover.

Glover and his Marblehead militia became famous during the Revolutionary War for saving the Continental Army from disaster at the Battle of Long Island by rowing the retreating troops across the East River. Later, it was the Marbleheaders who rowed Washington across the Delaware River before his surprising victory at Trenton.

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